17 Best Upland Shotguns for 2017

17 Best Upland Shotguns for 2017

The 2017 upland shotgun lineup is more extensive than ever. Choosing the best upland shotguns was no easy task, but this list represents a wonderful cross section that includes excellent choices for upland hunters at every price point.

Over/unders have become almost iconic, but traditionalists will find a good selection of side-by-sides, semi-autos and pumps in the 2017 lineup. The instant selection of two different chokes gives twin-barreled guns a slight advantage'¦if you select the right bore.

Screw-in chokes are pretty much the norm, as they give the hunter great versatility in the uplands, but also in the marsh and clay field. Happily, the 16-gauge makes more than one appearance in our 2017 selection, as at one time this was the upland gauge. Even better is the seeming proliferation of 28 gauges. Here's a wide assortment of shotguns to fit all budgets and desires, including those just for women, an ever-growing part of our evolving hunting tradition.



Best known for .50-caliber rifles, the Italian-made Sovereign line joins the Barrett lineup. The Rutherford has a steel action, vent rib, automatic ejectors, screw-in chokes and a single selective trigger. Available in 12, 16, 20 and 28 gauges, each made on its properly scaled frame, the actions have a coin finish and the barrels are deeply blued.

$2,200 — $2,500 | barrettsovereign.com



Renowned for their inertia-operated semi-autos, the Ethos 28-gauge (also in 12 and 20) covers all the bases, including being chambered for Fiocchi's 3" loads. Feather light at 5.3 pounds, it's an easy carry in the field, and with screw-in chokes, it fits many situations.

$2,199 |  benelliusa.com



The 690 Field (20- or 12-gauge) comes in three grades with a newly-designed receiver containing a wider hinge pin that ensures durability over time. The barrels are of Beretta's chrome-lined premium steelium alloy for precise concentricity and accuracy and topped with Optima HP chokes. The Micro Core pad soaks up recoil and enhances the oiled-walnut stock's appearance.

$2,950 |  beretta.com



The Titano L is the reincarnation of a historic semi-auto. From an Italian shotgun maker with a long history, the L has racy lines set off with artistic engraving by Bottega Giovanelli and hand checkering. The 12 comes in a variety of barrel lengths from 18 ½ to 30 inches and the 20-gauge with 26- and 28-inch barrels.

$1,999-$2,299 | bredausa.com 



Citori's 725 Feather is the evolution of John M. Browning's B25 Superposed. With its shallow action that retains the B25's rugged hinge pin and sliding underbolt, the 725 will last lifetimes. The Fire Lite trigger provides a second shot even if the first is a dud. Long forcing cones, back-bored barrels and exclusive Vector DS chokes that keep the threads clean join to make this an exceptional choice.

$2,550 | browning.com


Caesar Guerini 

Elegant with its gold pheasants setting off the color case-hardened action protected by their Invisalloy finish, the Magnus Field comes in 12, 20 and 28 gauges. The oil-finished Turkish walnut stock with its sleek Prince of Wales grip ends with a distinctive wood butt plate for slick mounting. The 28- or 30-inch barrels come with five chokes, a single selective trigger and automatic ejectors.

$4,775 | gueriniusa.com 



Built on a true 28-gauge-size aluminum action, the 628 Field Select is a smooth-shucking pump. Deep gloss blued with a Turkish-walnut pistol-grip stock, the 628 comes with a set of screw-in chokes for field or clays, and a vent rib for instant target acquisition. Perfect for beginners with its low recoil'¦and price tag.

$429 | cz-usa.com



The Elos Deluxe comes with a steel action at under seven pounds or a lightweight version, the AL, with an aluminum action at 5 lbs,14 oz. The Turkish walnut stock is enhanced with Fabarm's proprietary Triwood finish. The barrels use Fabarm's Tribore tapered boring for enhanced patterning performance and are magnum proofed to 1,630 BAR. The Deluxe carries a 5-year warranty.

$3,055 | fabarmusa.com



Sleek and pointy, the Instinct L comes to the face smooth at the flush. The satin-finished A-Grade walnut stock sets off the case-colored action and blued barrels. Automatic ejectors keep you lightning quick in a hot dove corner, and the screw-in tubes make the Instinct at home wherever you go. In 12, 20, 28 and .410, they come in a hard case.

 $1,399-$1,699 | franchiusa.com



The 40 E side-by-side says traditional German gun-making in every respect. The choice of a single-selective or double triggers, a boxlock action with a Greener crossbolt lock-up that's tighter than a bank vault and bored integral chokes, IC and Mod, make this a gun for the connoisseur at an affordable price. New this year in 16-gauge; the 40E is also available in 12, 20 and 28.

$4,595 | merkel-usa.com



Plenty of shotgun for the money, the International SA-28 is a sleek gas-operated 28-gauge semi-auto. The glossy-finished walnut stock and forend set off the black anodized receiver and deeply blued barrel. At just 6.5 pounds, it can be carried all day but still be lightning quick for the last flush of the afternoon. Screw-in chokes complete the package.

$654 | mossberg.com



Long a leader in semi-autos, the V3 takes them a leap forward. Using the ingenious VersaPort gas system with the ports in the chamber, the action return springs now run along the sides of the receiver for fool-proof reliability in any conditions. The SuperCell recoil pad stops kick.

$995 | remington.com



It's tough to beat a 12- and 20-gauge two-barrel set for under $700. The Condor Combo provides versatility, from ducks in the morning to quail after lunch. The choice of gauges come complete with screw-in chokes. The 12 has 28-inch barrels and the 20 scales back to 26 inches. Walnut stock, fore end and a 5-year warranty make this a must buy.

$679 | stoegerindustries.com



Built for the lady hunter(s) in your group, the Tempio Light is stocked specifically with a woman's figure in mind, and comes in either 20- or 28-gauge. The unique wood butt plate ensures a slick mount, and the 28-inch barrels provide the right balance for a smooth swing. The chrome-lined barrels coupled with Syren's nickel-plated chokes prevent rust. Top-notch walnut sets off the nickel alloy-finished receiver protected by Syren's proprietary Invisalloy finish.

$4,100 | syrenusa.com



A smooth-shucking 20-gauge at a very affordable price, the PA-08 Upland pump has a Dual-Bar action to ensure easy cycling, and the all-black metal and wood both have a high-gloss finish for a distinctive look. Comes with three choke tubes for versatility in the uplands, for clays or marsh.

$449 | weatherby.com



The legendary Model 101 Field made a dramatic return some years ago. The deep relief engraving and gloss-finished grade 2/3 walnut stock and forend looks like the old 101, but with Invector-Plus chokes, chrome-plated chambers and bores and a low-profile receiver for less recoil it's not grandpa's gun anymore. The barrels are 28 inches and it weighs a slim 7 pounds for all-day carrying.

$1,789 | winchesterguns.com



The Pernice is a true round-body shotgun that mimics classic over/unders in style and function. The action is similar to the Boss with twin locking bolts projecting from the breech face that mate with lugs on the barrels for a solid lockup, and the trigger is detachable for cleaning. The Turkish walnut stock has a distinctive Prince-of-Wales grip and the forend is rounded to match the action. Screw-in chokes and a Negrini ABS case complete the package.

$6,175 | zoliusa.com

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