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How to Handle a Pointing Dog Effectively

by Dave Carty 0

Full Disclosure: Sometimes I lose my temper and scream at my dogs. I don’t own perfect dogs, and as numerous… more »


What You Need to Know About Gun Dog Breed Registration

by Joel Vance 0

She was a city dog, and the closest she ever came in her early years to a flying creature was… more »


GUN DOG Spotlight: Gun Dog Supply’s Steve Snell

by Jerry Thoms 0

In 1997, Steve Snell took over his parents’ Gun Dog Supply Company and introduced what seemed like a good idea…. more »


3 Projects to Keep Your Gun Dog Sharp During the Offseason

by Bob West 0

Let’s face it; a lot of us are kind of down these days. Once bird season ends, the demands of… more »


Training Tips to Recover More Wounded Birds

by Tom Dokken 0

Overlooked areas in training are one of the reasons guys like me are so busy. Of those blind spots, easily… more »


Training Tips for Developing a New Gun Dog

by Bob West 0

It’s a good time to share some ideas and reasoning about the first few months’ objectives and what we can… more »


Tips for Increasing Your Gun Dog’s Prey Drive

by Dave Carty 0

Gentlemen, you’re walking down the street and coming at you is a gorgeous woman. She’s curvy, long legs and wearing… more »


GUN DOG Spotlight: Purina’s Bob West

by Tony J. Peterson 0

If you were to ask most sporting dog trainers to name the key contributing factor to a quality dog, the… more »


Why Training Your Gun Dog During the Hunt is a Must

by Dave Carty 0

Over the years, I’ve covered a lot of subjects in this column, mostly focusing on yard work, training that takes… more »


GUN DOG’s 5 Month Puppy Training Program

by Dave Carty 0

Over the course of the last several years, I’ve been mobbed in airports, restaurants and malls by fans of this… more »

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