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GUN DOG Training: The Problem With Sit

by Dave Carty 0

Virtually all experienced pointing dog trainers will tell you training the command “sit” is a mistake. They’re mostly right on… more »


GUN DOG Q&A: How to Stop Blind Whining

by Ed Bailey 0

Reader Question “I have a 7-year-old chocolate Lab who seems to be a quick study when it comes to bird… more »


7 Great E-Collars for 2014

by Joe Genzel 0

If you have ever felt helpless training a new gun dog, or even a well-conditioned field veteran, welcome to the… more »


Why You Should Love the Hungarian Partridge

by Dave Carty 0

I’d spent months combing the coulees and thick, grassy draws but was having little luck finding the Huns my spaniel… more »


Training Dummy: How Tom Dokken is Changing Retriever Training

by Tony J. Peterson 0

One name among many has become synonymous with the words “training dummy.” That name belongs to 60-year-old Tom Dokken, who… more »

How to Properly Range Your Gun Dog

How to Properly Range Your Gun Dog

by Chad Mason 1

Retrievers are one of American pheasant hunters’ most popular companions. In pheasant country, I see more Labs than anything else,… more »


How to Shoot Safely With Your Gun Dog

by Dave Carty 0

Anyone who hunts over dogs long enough has a story about a tragedy narrowly averted. It’s true that accidents happen… more »


GUN DOG Q&A: How to Properly Wean Puppies

by Ed Bailey 0

Reader Question “We enjoyed your article in last year’s March/April/May issue but are very confused about how to go about… more »


How to Train a Bird Dog for Shed Hunting

by Tony J. Peterson 2

Not long ago, the bird dog was looked at largely as a tool, left in the barn, backyard or garage… more »

Pointers Together

Why You Should Work Pointing Dogs Together

by Bob West 0

Have you ever hurried across a bean field with four pounds of mud on each foot, arriving just in time… more »

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