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Warm Weather Training for Gun Dogs

by James Spencer 5

POINTING BREEDS “When the temperature gets above about 65 degrees,” Roger Buddin of Big Country Kennel said, “you should start… more »

Teaching a Dog to Sit

GUN DOG Q&A: Training a Dog to Not Sit

by Ed Bailey 0

Problem: I have a 2-year-old Brittany, my first bird dog. He has an excellent disposition and amazing natural instinct. I… more »

Dock Jumping Dogs Competing

Dock Jumping: A Friendly Competition

by Tony J. Peterson 0

Every August I give seminars at the Game Fair in Anoka, Minnesota. The event is six days of anything and… more »


First Year Tips for Training a Hunting Puppy

by Bob West 5

Life comes at a pup from all directions in its first year. It’s fun and exciting but sometimes intimidating–a time… more »


How to Handle a Pointing Dog Effectively

by Dave Carty 0

Full Disclosure: Sometimes I lose my temper and scream at my dogs. I don’t own perfect dogs, and as numerous… more »

Pointing dog problems

GUN DOG Q&A: Pointing Dog Issues

by Ed Bailey 0

Problem: I have a 16-month-old vizsla that unctions as a family pet and as my first gun dog. One problem… more »


Tips for Increasing Your Gun Dog’s Prey Drive

by Dave Carty 0

Gentlemen, you’re walking down the street and coming at you is a gorgeous woman. She’s curvy, long legs and wearing… more »


Entry-Level Hunt Tests for Young Dogs

by Bob West 0

Starting a new pup and looking for ways to get him into top mental and physical condition during the summer? … more »

crate train your puppy, crate training a dog

Crate Training a Puppy

by Tony J. Peterson 0

Along with the promise of 12 years of solid companionship, picking up a new puppy guarantees something else – work…. more »

Dog exercise advice

Dog Exercise: What You Need to Know

by John McGonigle 0

Twice last season while hunting as a guest with folks I did not know well, something occurred that turned our… more »

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