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Advantages of Fitness Training Bird Dogs in Water

by John McGonigle

As a rule, retrievers love water and spaniels are no exception. Just try to walk an unleashed springer past a… more »


Best New Upland Shotguns for 2015

by John Taylor

Hunting the uplands means many things to many people. The quarry may be diminutive bobwhites or big cackling roosters. Quail… more »


Great New Upland Loads & Chokes for 2015

by Bob Humphrey

Like everyone else, shot makers follow the trends and right now the hot ticket is creating non-toxic loads that perform… more »


Syren Tempio & XLR5 Sporting Reviews

by Steve Gash

It’s no secret women are the most rapid growing segment of the shooting sports, and a recent survey by the… more »


How to Protect Your Bird Dog From Lyme Disease

by Brad Fitzpatrick

Lyme disease was first identified in 1975 when an alarming number of children around Lyme, Connecticut were diagnosed with rheumatoid… more »


GUN DOG Spotlight: CZ’s Dave Miller

by Steve Gash

It’s easy to think of big companies as impersonal conglomerates, but in the really good ones the personalities of key… more »


8 Great New E-Collars for 2015

by Tyler Shoberg

Like a meteorologist forecasting the weather, my German wirehaired pointer signaled an impending storm. We’d reached the end of a… more »


Dog Days: Gun Dog Gear Buyer’s Guide

by Brad Fitzpatrick

Summer is a critical period for dog trainers. It is the time to reinforce training principles and condition your canine… more »

American cockers fell out of favor after their meteoric rise in popularity, which led to careless breeding. There are still hardcore hunters who favor the diminutive breed, and a dog that comes from the right pedigree can be a dream to hunt with.

Breed Profile: American Cocker Spaniel

by Tony J. Peterson

It is generally accepted that spaniels originated in Spain, with the earliest literary mentions of the breed dating back to… more »


Best Tips for Preventing Heat-Related Issues in Your Bird Dog

by Dave Carty

Heat-related problems manifest themselves in various forms, heat stroke and heat stress among them, but they’re all harmful to your… more »


How to Create Better Brush Piles in 7 Simple Steps

by Keith Sutton

Creating and maintaining good wildlife habitat on our land usually requires an extensive amount of time, money and hard work…. more »


GUN DOG’s 15 Favorite Training Photos

by Gun Dog Online Staff

With the warm weather here to stay, it’s time to get out in the field and hit the training hard…. more »


How to Keep Your Dog’s Feet Healthy

by Dave Carty

A hunting dog may be in tremendous physical condition, but if his feet are sore, raw or bleeding, he won’t… more »


How to Handle a Pointing Dog Effectively

by Dave Carty

Full Disclosure: Sometimes I lose my temper and scream at my dogs. I don’t own perfect dogs, and as numerous… more »


What You Need to Know About Gun Dog Breed Registration

by Joel Vance

She was a city dog, and the closest she ever came in her early years to a flying creature was… more »


GUN DOG Spotlight: Gun Dog Supply’s Steve Snell

by Jerry Thoms

In 1997, Steve Snell took over his parents’ Gun Dog Supply Company and introduced what seemed like a good idea…. more »


Minnesota Legislature Considers Changes to Trapping Rules

by David Hart

A grouse hunting trip to northern Minnesota turned tragic on Halloween weekend when Mark Johnson’s Labrador retriever stuck his head… more »


3 Projects to Keep Your Gun Dog Sharp During the Offseason

by Bob West

Let’s face it; a lot of us are kind of down these days. Once bird season ends, the demands of… more »


Training Tips to Recover More Wounded Birds

by Tom Dokken

Overlooked areas in training are one of the reasons guys like me are so busy. Of those blind spots, easily… more »


CZ-USA M-920 20-Gauge Review

by Steve Gash

The versatile semi-automatic is the mainstay of many shotgun shooters. The 12-gauge remains the most popular, but with the high-tech… more »