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New Loads and Chokes for 2014

by Tony J. Peterson

The evolution of steel shot has been impressive and today’s offerings are light years beyond those of just a decade… more »


CZ 612 Wildfowl Magnum Review

by Steve Gash

Duck hunters ask quite a bit from their shotguns. Give them a bang stick that can take on cold, rainy… more »


Breed Profile: Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

by Tony J. Peterson

The origin of the Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever is muddled. The general consensus is they are descendants of 17th… more »


Top Waterfowl Clothing and Accessories for This Season

by Joe Genzel

I can remember jump shooting the shallows of the Illinois River as a 10-year-old kid in a grown man’s pair… more »


Weatherby SA-08 Review

by Steve Gash

Weatherby has become well-known of late for its diverse and ever-changing line of shotguns. Gone are the over/under models like… more »


Fabarms Elos B & Elos B AL Review

by Steve Gash

Fabarms’ Elos B and Elos B AL are typical of European over/unders, but far from ordinary. These 28- and 20-gauge… more »


10 Great Dog Crates & Kennels for 2014

by Jerry Thoms

Whether you run field tests or hunt hardcore, pup needs a safe place for travel. Today’s options are endless, from… more »


13 Great Waterfowl Shotguns for 2014

by John Taylor

Our guns have to stand up to the elements and come up shooting when the birds are over the decoys…. more »


Breed Profile: The American Brittany

by Dave Carty

The best dog I ever owned was a Brittany. Now, I better qualify that. Powder wasn’t my hardest running dog,… more »


GUN DOG Training: The Problem With Sit

by Dave Carty

Virtually all experienced pointing dog trainers will tell you training the command “sit” is a mistake. They’re mostly right on… more »


6 Tips for Keeping Your Gun Dog In Shape

by David Hart

Imagine a buddy showing up at your house at 6 a.m. on a Saturday morning dressed in a running outfit…. more »


10 Great Upland Hunting Boots for This Season

by David Hart

Deer hunters sure have it easy. A short walk to a tree stand, a few hours of sitting in a… more »


Breed Profile: The Irish Setter

by M.J. Nelson

Not long ago, bird hunters viewed the traditional Irish setter with disdain. They were called “Irish airheads”—and worse—by sportsmen convinced… more »


Why You Should Consider German Breeds for Your Next Gun Dog

by Tony J. Peterson

If I arbitrarily threw words like bringselverweiser, toteverbeller and jagd into a conversation, many of you would think I had… more »


Beagling for Bunnies: Choosing Your Next Rabbit Dog

by Chad Mason

Over the course of my bird hunting life, I’ve passed up many shot opportunities at fleeing bunnies in the uplands…. more »


GUN DOG Q&A: How to Stop Blind Whining

by Ed Bailey

Reader Question “I have a 7-year-old chocolate Lab who seems to be a quick study when it comes to bird… more »


Beretta A400 Xplor Action 20-Gauge Review

by Nick Sisley

For most of us who bird hunt, lighter is better. If you’ve ever hauled a weighty shotgun on the prairie… more »


7 Great E-Collars for 2014

by Joe Genzel

If you have ever felt helpless training a new gun dog, or even a well-conditioned field veteran, welcome to the… more »


GUN DOG Spotlight: Wes Lang of Caesar Guerini

by Steve Gash

In a few short years, Caesar Guerini has come to represent superb quality and craftsmanship in over/under shotguns. The company’s… more »


Breed Profile: The English Cocker Spaniel

by M.J. Nelson

Anyone who has ever watched a dog show knows the American cocker spaniel. Its coat drips to the floor in… more »