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Instinct Catalyst by Franchi

Introducing the 2016 Franchi Instinct Catalyst

by Gun Dog Online Staff

When one thinks of a gun designed for a women today, they probably automatically think of some crazy purple color… more »

SHOT Show 2016, Tanglefree Flight Series

SHOT Show 2016: Tanglefree Flight Series Mallard Decoy

by Gun Dog Online Staff

The Gun Dog Online staff saw first hand at SHOT Show 2016 that the Tanglefree Flight Series Mallard decoy is far from… more »

SportDOG WetlandHunter 1825

Introducing the 2016 SportDOG Brand WetlandHunter 1825

by Gun Dog Online Staff

It’s no secret your retriever is a big asset when it comes to duck hunting. Hunting waterfowl puts us in some… more »

Invictus 5, SHOT Show 2016,

SHOT SHOW 2016: Caesar Guerini Invictus 5

by Gun Dog Online Staff

At SHOT Show 2016, The GunDog online staff saw first hand how beautiful and well built the Invictus 5 from… more »

Tracking Devices for your hunting dog

How to: Prevent Losing a Dog

by Dave Carty

Losing a dog, even for an hour or two, can be a wrenching experience. Fortunately, there are more ways than… more »

Puppy Training Tips

Puppy Training: Getting Ready to Hunt

by Dave Carty

Without a doubt, my favorite part of puppy training is the first few days I take it into the field… more »

Weatherby Orion Shotgun Review

Weatherby Orion Shotgun Review

by Brad Fitzpatrick

Watch the product video from Weatherby on their Orion shotgun. Weatherby will always be associated with high-powered rifles, in large… more »

Post-season drills for dogs

5 Projects for After Bird Hunting Season

by Bob West

Across many of our bird hunting regions seasons will be winding down and the weather will be taking a turn… more »

Free your dog from a trap

How to: Free a Dog From an Animal Trap

by Brian French

We had won the lottery, literally. Our number was picked for a chance at the only pheasants around our parts—the… more »

Why it's smart to hunt from a ground blind

New Hunting Blind Options for 2015

by Joe Genzel

A thin line of pink sits low on the horizon as whistling wings overhead tell you they’re coming. Everyone tenses,… more »

American Water Spaniel

Breed Profile: American Water Spaniel

by Jim Lasley

They absolutely live to hunt,” says Charlie Schlatter, of New Brighton, Minn., and a director of the American Water Spaniel… more »


Shotgun Review: Syren XLR5 WaterFowler

by Steve Gash

Women have long been stuck shooting a man’s gun. But cut stocks and pink camo don’t cut it at Syren…. more »

Storm Anxiety in Dogs

Gun Dog Q&A: Storm Anxiety in Dogs

by Dr. John Holcomb

Question: I have a three-year-old viszla named Jagger Rose. She has been a great bird dog and companion. She lives… more »

Obedience Training for Dogs

4 Tips for Dog Obedience Training

by Tom Dokken

There is a misconception among bird dog owners that mastering the most difficult training drills is the key to having… more »


Gun Dog Holiday Gift Guide 2015

by Gun Dog Online Staff

Sometimes Christmas comes early for us dog owners. As in opening day of bird season or the day we pick… more »


Breed Profile: Chesapeake Bay Retriever

by M.J. Nelson

Several years ago in my other life as an investigative reporter, at an editorial meeting after I had summarized the… more »


Puppy Training Done Right

by John McGonigle

Your dove shoots are likely over by now, but there’s still time to get in some meaningful field training before… more »


How To: Develop A Great Pointing Dog

by Bob West

A missed opportunity because of birds being bumped rather than pointed–it’s an age-old problem, all too common and the center… more »


Stoeger 3000 Shotgun Review

by John Taylor

The Stoeger 3000 is a lot of shotgun for the money, but let’s start at the beginning. In 1903 Danish… more »


Benelli 828U Shotgun Review

by Brad Fitzpatrick

Italy has an impressive history of firearms production that dates back centuries, from the time when Brescian furnaces forged barrels… more »