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What You Need to Know About AKC Crossovers

by James Spencer

On July 1, 2013, the American Kennel Club (AKC), in what they call a “crossover,” allowed two additional retriever breeds… more »

How to Properly Range Your Gun Dog

How to Properly Range Your Gun Dog

by Chad Mason

Retrievers are one of American pheasant hunters’ most popular companions. In pheasant country, I see more Labs than anything else,… more »


How to Shoot Safely With Your Gun Dog

by Dave Carty

Anyone who hunts over dogs long enough has a story about a tragedy narrowly averted. It’s true that accidents happen… more »


GUN DOG Q&A: How to Properly Wean Puppies

by Ed Bailey

Reader Question “We enjoyed your article in last year’s March/April/May issue but are very confused about how to go about… more »

Benelli Ethos Revew

The Ethos of Shot: Benelli Ethos Review

by John Taylor

Say the word Benelli and most hunters think of the Super Black Eagle II, a staple in the waterfowler’s gun… more »


Mika the Labrador Retriever: A Gun Dog’s Life in Photos

by Gun Dog Online Staff

There’s a Rodney Atkins song that epitomizes what it’s like to have a great bird dog. As Atkins croons in… more »

Breed Profile Bracco Italiano

Breed Profile: The Bracco Italiano

by Jerry Thoms

The Bracco Italiano emerged from her crate and was now the center of attention. “Your pooch looks like a cross… more »


Read & React: Dog Owners Voice Concerns Over Minnesota Trapping Regulations

by David Hart

John Reynolds thought the death of his Springer spaniel Penni was a rare accident, a stroke of bad luck that… more »

8 Great Upland Bird Destinations

8 Great Upland Bird Destinations You Didn’t Know About

by David Hart

There was a time when a bird hunter could throw a dart at a map of the United States and… more »


How to Protect Your Gun Dog in Cold Weather Hunting

by Dave Carty

There’s an old saying: a dog can take a ton of cold but only an ounce of heat. That’s true,… more »

Clumber Spaniel

Breed Profile: The Clumber Spaniel

by M.J. Nelson

Back in the days when I judged spaniel hunt tests, on those rare occasions when the dog running was a… more »

First Aid Tips for Your Gun Dog

Best First Aid Tips for Bird Dogs in the Field

by Bob West

With bird seasons well underway, this is a good time for suggestions on how to deal with those emergencies you’re… more »


CZ Super Scroll Combo Review

by Steve Gash

CZ-USA’s new Super Scroll Combo 20- and 28-gauge is truly a work of art. And more importantly, it’s a truly… more »


Muddying the Big Muddy

by Joel Vance

As if dams and channelization weren’t intruding enough on the Missouri River, a quartet of Missouri politicos want to strip… more »


Perazzi MX28B Review

by Nick Sisley

Known more for its competition models, this 28 excels in the field. Lithe and striking, Perazzi’s MX28B over/under wasn’t even… more »


Turkish Precision: Weatherby SA-08 Review

by Steve Gash

My left foot was freezing as icy water seeped relentlessly through a pinhole in my waders at the ankle, thanks… more »


Breed Profile: German Wirehaired Pointer

by Chad Mason

“German wirehaired pointer” is a term that means different things to different people. Wired for versatility, this sturdy and respected… more »


Double Duty: Franchi Affinity Review

by Brad Fitzpatrick

My first view of Matagorda Island occurred just after 4 o’clock in the morning. Matagorda is a barrier island that… more »


Breed Profile: The Golden Retriever

by M.J. Nelson

The old proverb, “Handsome is as handsome does,” suggests that how you act or perform is more important than how… more »


Best New Shotshells and Chokes for 2013

by Tony J. Peterson

It is hard to understand how a manufacturer can improve upon a shotgun shell design every single year, but that’s… more »