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First Year Tips for Training a Hunting Puppy

by Bob West

Life comes at a pup from all directions in its first year. It’s fun and exciting but sometimes intimidating–a time… more »


How to Handle a Pointing Dog Effectively

by Dave Carty

Full Disclosure: Sometimes I lose my temper and scream at my dogs. I don’t own perfect dogs, and as numerous… more »


How to Stop Puppy Biting

by Tony J. Peterson

The thing about puppies is that they have to be cute, otherwise we’d never keep them. They are a pain… more »

Pointing dog problems

GUN DOG Q&A: Pointing Dog Issues

by Ed Bailey

Problem: I have a 16-month-old vizsla that unctions as a family pet and as my first gun dog. One problem… more »

Labrador's for grouse hunting

Labradors: Best Grouse Hunting Breed?

by Bob Gwizdz

Where I live in Michigan there are two kinds of grouse dogs: English setters and all the rest. Oh, I… more »

Bloodlines, Puppy Bloodline

Bloodlines Matter: Picking the Perfect Puppy

by Katie Ainsworth

With the addition of four or more breeds to its registry in 2015, the American Kennel Club (AKC) brought its… more »


Tips for Increasing Your Gun Dog’s Prey Drive

by Dave Carty

Gentlemen, you’re walking down the street and coming at you is a gorgeous woman. She’s curvy, long legs and wearing… more »


Entry-Level Hunt Tests for Young Dogs

by Bob West

Starting a new pup and looking for ways to get him into top mental and physical condition during the summer? … more »


10 Puppies from GUN DOG Readers

by Gun Dog Online Staff

To paraphrase Humphrey Bogart as Sam Spade in The Maltese Falcon, “They’re the stuff that dreams are made of.”  True, that…. more »

crate train your puppy, crate training a dog

Crate Training a Puppy

by Tony J. Peterson

Along with the promise of 12 years of solid companionship, picking up a new puppy guarantees something else – work…. more »

Sussex Spaniel breed

Breed Profile: Sussex Spaniel

by Jerry Thoms

On a South Dakota pheasant hunt several years ago, I was driving on a gravel road that bordered a mile-square… more »

Dog exercise advice

Dog Exercise: What You Need to Know

by John McGonigle

Twice last season while hunting as a guest with folks I did not know well, something occurred that turned our… more »


Why You Should Be Training with Penned Birds

by Dave Carty

You’ve heard it before: it takes birds to make a bird dog. Sure, you can train—at least to a functional… more »

Mossberg .410 gun review

Shotgun Review: Mossberg .410

by Steve Gash

After emigrating from his native Sweden to the United States in 1886, Oliver Frederick Mossberg worked in a bicycle plant… more »

Dokken Dead Fowl Trainer

Great GUN DOG Gear for 2016

by Gun Dog Online Staff

Gun dog owners love their gear almost as much as their pups. With bird hunting season in the books, now… more »

Teaching the steady command to your Gun Dog

Gun Dog Training: Keeping Steady

by John McGonigle

Dave Granatir began hunting with family members over English springer spaniels in 1975. After moving to southeastern Pennsylvania he was… more »

Collar Clinic, Collar Clinic Dog Products

GUN DOG Spotlight: Collar Clinic

by Jerry Thoms

In 1988, Jeff Gonda was working as an electronic collar repair technician in Arizona for his father, the original owner… more »

Instinct Catalyst by Franchi

Introducing the 2016 Franchi Instinct Catalyst

by Gun Dog Online Staff

When one thinks of a gun designed for a women today, they probably automatically think of some crazy purple color… more »

SHOT Show 2016, Tanglefree Flight Series

SHOT Show 2016: Tanglefree Flight Series Mallard Decoy

by Gun Dog Online Staff

The Gun Dog Online staff saw first hand at SHOT Show 2016 that the Tanglefree Flight Series Mallard decoy is far from… more »

SportDOG WetlandHunter 1825

Introducing the 2016 SportDOG Brand WetlandHunter 1825

by Gun Dog Online Staff

It’s no secret your retriever is a big asset when it comes to duck hunting. Hunting waterfowl puts us in some… more »