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GUN DOG Spotlight: Gun Dog Supply’s Steve Snell

by Jerry Thoms

In 1997, Steve Snell took over his parents’ Gun Dog Supply Company and introduced what seemed like a good idea…. more »


Minnesota Legislature Considers Changes to Trapping Rules

by David Hart

A grouse hunting trip to northern Minnesota turned tragic on Halloween weekend when Mark Johnson’s Labrador retriever stuck his head… more »


3 Projects to Keep Your Gun Dog Sharp During the Offseason

by Bob West

Let’s face it; a lot of us are kind of down these days. Once bird season ends, the demands of… more »


Training Tips to Recover More Wounded Birds

by Tom Dokken

Overlooked areas in training are one of the reasons guys like me are so busy. Of those blind spots, easily… more »


CZ-USA M-920 20-Gauge Review

by Steve Gash

The versatile semi-automatic is the mainstay of many shotgun shooters. The 12-gauge remains the most popular, but with the high-tech… more »


Training Tips for Developing a New Gun Dog

by Bob West

It’s a good time to share some ideas and reasoning about the first few months’ objectives and what we can… more »


Tips for Increasing Your Gun Dog’s Prey Drive

by Dave Carty

Gentlemen, you’re walking down the street and coming at you is a gorgeous woman. She’s curvy, long legs and wearing… more »


Breed Profile: Small Munsterlander

by Jerry Thoms

“A small what?” was the typical response Jim Julson used to get when he answered the common question: “What kind… more »


GUN DOG Spotlight: Happy Jack

by Tony J. Peterson

Chances are, if your sporting dog has developed any number of ailments you may have some experience with North Carolina-based… more »


GUN DOG 2015 Puppy Gallery

by Jamie Lamb

Training a new gun dog is an exercise in patience…and that’s an understatement. Whining, crying, screeching barks at 3 a.m…. more »


Introducing the Browning 725 Small Gauge

by Gun Dog Online Staff

For 2015, Browning will be offering its popular 725 shotgun in a couple of new options. The 725 Small Gauge… more »


Introducing the Weatherby Orion I

by Gun Dog Online Staff

For hunters seeking versatility from a sleek over/under shotgun, check out Weatherby’s new Orion I. Designed for performance, the Orion… more »


Introducing the Beretta A400 Xplor Action Left-Handed Shotgun

by Gun Dog Online Staff

Left-handed shooters rejoice. For the first time in Beretta’s history the company is offering a left-handed shotgun in the extremely… more »


GUN DOG Spotlight: Purina’s Bob West

by Tony J. Peterson

If you were to ask most sporting dog trainers to name the key contributing factor to a quality dog, the… more »


Why Training Your Gun Dog During the Hunt is a Must

by Dave Carty

Over the years, I’ve covered a lot of subjects in this column, mostly focusing on yard work, training that takes… more »


GUN DOG Spotlight: SportDOG’s Lance Tracy

by Tony J. Peterson

SportDOG is well known to the bird-hunting world. Their entrenchment in the market would seem to lend itself to a… more »


Breed Profile: The Field Spaniel

by M.J. Nelson

At one point not long ago, a fine sporting breed, the field spaniel, was on the verge of joining the… more »


Browning Citori 725 Feather Review

by Nick Sisley

Frequent the uplands enough, and you’re bound to run into a man, his dog and a Citori. There’s a reason… more »


GUN DOG’s Salute to Water Dogs

by Gun Dog Online Staff

With another season in full swing, we thought it would be nice to pay homage to our furry companions that… more »


GUN DOG’s 5 Month Puppy Training Program

by Dave Carty

Over the course of the last several years, I’ve been mobbed in airports, restaurants and malls by fans of this… more »