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GUN DOG’s 15 Favorite Training Photos

by Gun Dog Online Staff 0

With the warm weather here to stay, it’s time to get out in the field and hit the training hard…. more »


What You Need to Know About Gun Dog Breed Registration

by Joel Vance 0

She was a city dog, and the closest she ever came in her early years to a flying creature was… more »


Breed Profile: Small Munsterlander

by Jerry Thoms 0

“A small what?” was the typical response Jim Julson used to get when he answered the common question: “What kind… more »


GUN DOG 2015 Puppy Gallery

by Jamie Lamb 0

Training a new gun dog is an exercise in patience…and that’s an understatement. Whining, crying, screeching barks at 3 a.m…. more »


Breed Profile: The Field Spaniel

by M.J. Nelson 0

At one point not long ago, a fine sporting breed, the field spaniel, was on the verge of joining the… more »


GUN DOG’s Salute to Water Dogs

by Gun Dog Online Staff 0

With another season in full swing, we thought it would be nice to pay homage to our furry companions that… more »


Breed Profile: The Pudelpointer

by Dave Carty 4

Goat didn’t want to hunt. The handsome pudelpointer would venture out just a few feet in front of owner Luke… more »


Breed Profile: Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

by Tony J. Peterson 1

The origin of the Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever is muddled. The general consensus is they are descendants of 17th… more »


Breed Profile: The American Brittany

by Dave Carty 1

The best dog I ever owned was a Brittany. Now, I better qualify that. Powder wasn’t my hardest running dog,… more »


Breed Profile: The Irish Setter

by M.J. Nelson 1

Not long ago, bird hunters viewed the traditional Irish setter with disdain. They were called “Irish airheads”—and worse—by sportsmen convinced… more »

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