11 Perfect Dog Crates and Kennels

11 Perfect Dog Crates and Kennels

Gun Dog Editors Pick Their Favorite Travel Crates and Kennels for 2017

Today's gun dogs ride in style and safety. Travel crates are built to withstand a five-star crash-test rating, so your pup is always secure. Naturally, crates also provide an excellent in-home tool for keeping a dog maintained and for training purposes. You can also opt for a good kennel if you're running multiple pups or just happen to like having an outside dog. The options for these are impressive as well and in the end, if you've got a dog that needs a safe space at home or on the road, there's no need to settle for anything sub-par. Here are some of our favorite travel crates and kennels for 2017.


Alumilene 50 Series 

If you're looking to outfit your truck or SUV with a serious kennel, the 50 Series is a great choice, considering it features slide ventilation, a clean-out plug for draining and cleaning, and Dry Floor for keeping moisture away and promoting extra pup comfort. It's also designed with front and rear handles, a center door (for when you've got the divider in and are running a couple of dogs), and a door locking system. If you really want to trick out your 50 Series, you can also opt for a Water System, Top Storage Walls, a 12-Volt Fan and Light System, and even an HDX Ramp. $1,195 | alumilene.com


Easy Loader Kennel 

CMS crafts their Easy Loader Kennels out of high-density polyethylene, which means they are nearly indestructible. To ensure they stay that way after years of use and won't crack or break down, an Ultra Violet Stabilizer is added to the polyethylene. Each door is created with powder-coated steel to further increase the durability of the Easy Loader Kennel. Capable of fitting into most standard-sized pickups and larger SUVs, this must-have for all serious bird dog owners is backed by a one-year warranty that covers all material and workmanship. $289 (each) | easyloaderkennels.com 


Canine Cargo Carrier Honeycomb 

One of the things that's tough to work around with dog crates is that they simply take up a lot of space. This is okay if you've got one or two, but any more than that and things can get tight in a hurry. This problem is one of the reasons why the Honeycomb Dog Box is such a great product. They are designed so that they can be stacked in a honeycomb fashion, which is a major space saver. Individual boxes are one-piece molded and are large enough (36 inches deep) to allow a dog to stretch out and be comfortable during transport. If you opt for the three-dog Honeycomb Pod, you can also set it up with the slide-out storage system. $595 (3-Dog Pod) | getmypointllc.com


Gunner Kennels G1 Intermediate 

If you're on the hunt for a kennel that can survive a serious crash (and allow your cherished bird dog to do the same) you'd be well served to check out Gunner Kennels. Voted a Top Performer in 2015 by the Center for Pet Safety, Gunner Kennels were tested to withstand more than 4000 pounds of force, which is seriously impressive. Their G1 Intermediate is perfect for bird dogs up to 75 pounds, and it features tie-down pins, non-skid rubber feet and a paddle-latch door lock. $500 | gunnerkennels.com 


Jones Trailer Company Stainless Steel 

Few trailers are built with an eye to quality quite like the Stainless-Steel Model from Jones Trailer Company, which is probably why they are the choice when it comes to top dog handlers, as well as military and law enforcement handlers. This trailer is available in a bevy of variations with so many different options it would be impossible to list them all. These range from roof racks to running boards to exhaust fans to the Hot Dog Temperature Alert System w/ Pager, to fill-in-the-blank. If you haul multiple dogs, you owe it to yourself to check out all that Jones has to offer. $8,759 (start) | jonestrailers.com


Kennel Deck 

Your bird dog deserves better than lying on the cold concrete, which is where Kennel Deck comes into play. This sanitary yet comfortable flooring system is ideal for cages and kennels. Made from high-density plastic resins, the Kennel Deck allows plenty of air circulation, is easy to clean, and is covered in a non-skid surface. An added benefit of this product is that it can help keep your dog healthier by keeping him elevated off less desirable surfaces, which can contribute to disease or bone problems. $37 | kenneldeck.com

7.-K9-Condo-GUDP-160900-E-KEN-011K9 Kondo Chew-Proof Igloo Dog Door

If you happen to keep your pheasant dog in a Dogloo XT Doghouse, you'll want to check out K9 Kondo's Chew-Proof Dog Door. Not only does this door keep your pup from gnawing on his abode, but it also keeps his house warmer and drier (and is wind-resistant) and therefore promotes a much better living environment. The door measures 12 x 15 inches so that even the largest breeds can get through easily. This American-made door is constructed of heavy-gauge steel that won't rust and is guaranteed chew-proof no matter how much your dog likes to channel his inner great white. $95 | k-9kondo.com


Mason Company Chain Link Outdoor Run

If you're keeping a whole pack of sporting dogs and need a place to put them, Mason Company has your answer. Their Chain Link Outdoor Run is built to last and is offered either in stand-alone units or connecting runs. They use electro-galvanized wire that is woven in-house for a smooth finish (no sharp edges or burs). Choose from three gauge sizes and four diamond mesh opening sizes to truly customize your kennel choice. $TBD | masonco.com 


Red Wing Hound Haulers

Let's say you've got a bird dog that needs to go to the right trainer, who happens to be located five states away. You can either load up the truck and burn a couple of days on the road, or you can hire Redwing Hound Haulers to get your dog there and back. This premium pet transportation service is perfect for sending pooches cross country and they operate with an emphasis on safety and overall pet comfort. $400-$650 | redwinghoundhaulers.com


NorthStar Dog Boxes

If you're driving a pickup or larger SUV, the latest from NorthStar will fit in your vehicle just fine. Their 901E Dog Box is perfect for two hunting dogs, features a removable divider, and boasts stainless steel hinges and zinc-coated lockable latches. NorthStar designed these boxes with high-density polyethylene plastic, with each measuring 47 inches wide, 32 inches deep and 25 inches tall. A litany of optional accessories are available as well, which includes a fan system, water system, insulation and even a raised tub flooring. $629 | northstarplasticsinc.com11.-Ruff-Tuff-GUDP-170800-EKEN-001

Ruff Tough Kennels Medium 

Ruff Tough is turning out some of the best sporting dog products on the market, and their Medium Kennel is no exception. This crate is made from high-quality materials, features the double-swing composite door, and has a built-in handle for ease in transport. Perfectly sized for most bird dogs, this 17-pound kennel measures 27.5" long, 18.5" wide, and 20" tall (exterior dimensions). $174 | rufftoughkennels.com

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