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All in a Day’s Work: Hard-Hunting Lab Photos

by Gun Dog Online Staff   |  April 10th, 2012 7

A lot of great photos come across our desks here at Gun Dog, and our special Labradors edition was certainly no different. As such, we’ve compiled some great hard-hunting lab photos taken by the best in the business: the Gun Dog photographers. Take a look at some great photos of even greater hunting companions doing what they do best, and for more photos and info on these great hunting dogs, pick up a copy of Labradors.

  • Steve

    What a photo!

  • Suggestion

    Here's something about this site that really pisses me off…the goddamn photos are on 12 DIFFERENT PAGES! That's fine on some sites but this site has SLOW SERVERS! I know you like to have the pages load as many times as possible for your advertisers, but c'mon!

    Next time, how about thumbnails so you can see all the pics on one page?

    I'm sure this post will be deleted in 3…2…1…

  • Jeff Page

    I agree about jumping the barbwire. That was stupid to risk the dog getting hurt.

    Who ever took that picture, what was going through your mind?

  • John Ellenberger

    Pic # 6 is what we call an unleaded bird.

  • ray seale

    you guys complaining about the barbwire pic wake up. in the real world that happens and sometimes you cant stp it.

  • J B

    If any of you actuallly hunt quail with pointers and labs you know that labs jump, go under or whatever to get a dead bird..and never get injured..and man dont think you need to get so upset at a post

  • DUPE


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