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Truck Etiquette: How to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Truck

by Dave Carty 6

Most of us who own bird dogs also own a truck to haul them around in. But dogs left to… more »


Nothing Missing: Vizsla Beating Cancer, Still in the Field

by Angela Pham 7

Bart is a handsome vizsla, red and sinewy with a proud carriage and docile eyes. He is much like any… more »


Gun Dog’s 2011 Christmas Guide

by Joe Genzel 2

If you’re having trouble trying to fill the stocking of the hunter in your family, take a second to check… more »


Health Care Tips for Older Gun Dogs

by Dave Carty 2

Your best friend is getting older and whines terribly each time you leave home without him. But do you really… more »


How Contagious is Parvo?

by Ben OBrien 2

Q (Question): We had a German wirehaired pointer puppy 15 months ago that died of parvovirus within a week after… more »

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