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Fixing Behavior Problems: Flushing on Command

by Ed Bailey 3

Problem: I have a 1-year-old female yellow Lab. She retrieves well, has good distance control and knows commands. When hunting… more »


How to Keep Your Dog Hidden in the Field

by Mark Romanack 4

The game of “hide and seek” often comes to mind when I’m duck hunting. It seems that in the field,… more »


Quit Being Laissez: How to Discipline Your Dog

by Dave Carty 8

Lately, it’s become fashionable in more obscure quarters to adopt a laissez-faire approach to dog training, as if any pointing… more »


Spaniel Versatility and Jump Shooting for Ducks

by John McGonigle 2

Using your spaniel for jump shooting ducks is a good way to supplement your upland game bag. My favorite spot… more »


There’s Still Time: Last-Minute Training for Your Dog

by John McGonigle 0

August is a tough month for training gun dogs. Sure, most of us are fired up by the coming of… more »


Dog Games & The Hunter: Picking the Right Dog Games

by James Spencer 0

Hunting seasons come slowly and vanish quickly. After one vanishes, we can clean/oil our shotguns and put them away until… more »


Building Blocks: How to Prevent Problem Behavior

by Dave Carty 0

If I have a guiding principle in the realm of training dogs; it’s that it’s far more a process of… more »

German pointing dog

Field Tests for Puppies: A Valuable Learning Experience

by Bob West 4

Why bother testing puppies? You might say, “Those tests look so easy I don’t see the benefit; seems like a… more »

Pheasant in field

Controlling Your Dog: Birds Galore Equals Sensory Overload

by Brian Lynn 3

You’ve got a good dog. He stays focused and understands what’s going on,” said Sal Roseland, owner of R&R Pheasant… more »

Friend's dog

You’re Bringing Who? How to Handle a Friend’s Dog

by Dave Carty 0

When Hanna finally pinned the grouse, the bird was holding on one edge of a wet, boggy, depression ringed with… more »

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