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Truck Etiquette: How to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Truck

by Dave Carty 6

Most of us who own bird dogs also own a truck to haul them around in. But dogs left to… more »


Quit Being Laissez: How to Discipline Your Dog

by Dave Carty 8

Lately, it’s become fashionable in more obscure quarters to adopt a laissez-faire approach to dog training, as if any pointing… more »


The Eyes Have It: How to Clean Your Dog’s Eyes

by Dave Carty 4

A bird dog can put in a long, tough day. By the end of a hunt, he may be squinting… more »


Building Blocks: How to Prevent Problem Behavior

by Dave Carty 0

If I have a guiding principle in the realm of training dogs; it’s that it’s far more a process of… more »

Gun dog

Have Dog, Will Travel: Road Trips with Your Dog

by Dave Carty 3

How well your dog travels will make a big difference in how well he hunts once you get to where… more »

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