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Breed Profile: The Flat-Coated Retriever

by M.J. Nelson 18

Once upon a time, when English gamekeepers reigned supreme on the estates of the nobility, they needed a dog that… more »


Breed Profile: The French Brittany

by Jerry Thoms 14

If your little dog can find that goose, you can keep the bird,” the waterfowl hunter told Doug Lodermeier, who,… more »


What Makes a Great Dog? How to Pick the Right Breed

by Dave Carty 5

My friend Tony’s setter is nothing special to look at. She’s short, with a slightly pushed up nose, as if… more »


Breed Profile: The Curly-Coated Retriever

by Jerry Thoms 8

Three roosters and two hens had just flown from an unpicked cornfield across the road into a tract of seven-foot-tall… more »


Breed Profile: The American Water Spaniel

by James Spencer 6

Finally—although unexpectedly—the decades-long classification controversy within the American Water Spaniel Club (AWSC) has ended with an almost beyond-belief win-win outcome…. more »


Breed Profile: The American Cocker Spaniel

by James Spencer 11

In the late 1980s, when I began running dogs in and judging AKC’s non-competitive hunting tests for spaniels, I experienced… more »


Breed Profile: The Weimaraner

by Jerry Thoms 39

The Weimaraner, from the beginning of its breed history more than 100 years ago, has been known as the “Gray… more »


All in a Day’s Work: Hard-Hunting Lab Photos

by Gun Dog Online Staff 7

A lot of great photos come across our desks here at Gun Dog, and our special Labradors edition was certainly… more »


Breed Profile: The Llewellin Setter

by Jerry Thoms 21

There’s no sight more classic than a pair of gun dogs working a gamebird with one dog pointing and the… more »

Airedale running

The Airedale: Returning to Its Roots

by M.J. Nelson 13

In the beginning, Airedales were hunting dogs. The working class people in the West Riding of Yorkshire, who developed the… more »

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