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Minnesota Grouse Hunter Kills Wolf to Protect Dog

by Gun Dog Online Staff   |  October 15th, 2012 13

For one Minnesota grouse hunter, an enjoyable afternoon in the field didn’t exactly turn out as expected.

The hunter, who remains anonymous, said the day turned south when he looked up to see his dog running full speed at him with a wolf trailing not far behind. According to state conservation officer Sam Hunter, the man raised his shotgun and killed the wolf at about eight yards, just before it reached him and his dog.

“It was a frightening experience during a grouse hunting trip that will not soon be forgotten,” Hunter told the Star Tribune.

Despite the widespread controversy over the state’s decision to host a wolf hunt this year, it is still legal to kill a wolf in defense of yourself, your pet, or livestock. Although officials from around the country—including those in Minnesota—continue to claim that wolves pose little threat to hunters or animals, this is just one wolf-related incident among many this year.

  • k.Knupp

    And all these so called officials, are all city dwelling tree huggers, that have no clue as to what really happens outside city limits

  • sam

    what breed dog is that?

    • Winston

      It looks to be a Gordon Setter

    • cass

      Llewellin Setter

      • Luke

        are you stupid they are a setter that is a pointer they also have a feathery look know your dogs before you comments

        • duke

          ok genius…you know so much then what breed of dog is it? if your going to make a comment like that you better know what your talking about yourself

        • k knupp

          thats not a pointer thats for sure, i have seen english setters look like that, its definetly a setter but not a pointer and you dont have to make comments like that, they are not welcome and nor are you

  • Duane

    Looks like a Gordon / English Setter mix.


    Iadaho Man takes on a pack of wolves check this out

  • Johnnyx

    I've lived/hunted inMT and NM, both wolf states. I've never heard an official say that you don't need to mind your dog in wolf country. Of course they see them as competition. People though are not really of interest to wolves unless you're leaving a gut pile.

  • Rory

    The Southern dream quail dog, a Llewellin Setter. Beautiful colored dog.

  • Shelley

    I am a woman in the burb's and so glad this gentleman is safe and also his dog. Can not image the heart pounding ordeal in this scary situation. Shelley

  • TammyB

    looks like one of my purebred Gordon Setter pups. Not the normal coloring but a cute dog! We got 8 black and tans, 1 mostly white with a black face and one black and white out of two black and tan purebreds.

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