Photo from The Telegraph.

If there’s one rule a dog must abide by, it’s this—don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

Or in the case of a Blue Gascony basset hound from France, don’t shoot the hand that feeds you.

According to The Telegraph, a 55-year-old Frenchman named Rene was on a deer hunt when one of his younger dogs “jumped on him to give him a cuddle,” at which point the dog unintentionally struck the trigger and shot him in the hand. After being airlifted to a nearby hospital, Rene had the hand amputated.

Rene insisted that it wasn’t the dog’s fault but his own, adding that he still thinks his dog is “adorable.” He said next time he’ll take better safety precautions by utilizing the safety on his gun.

It isn’t the first time a dog shot his owner, strange as it sounds. Gun Dog broke the news of a Utah hunter in December of 2011 who left his shotgun loaded in a boat and, moments later as he waded into the water, his dog stepped on the gun, firing 27 pellets into his hindquarters. Like the man from France, his true identity was never revealed. Coincidence? Not likely.That’s a hard one to live down.

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