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Dog Shoots Owner in Buttocks

by Joe Genzel   |  December 1st, 2011 44
Dog with gun

Man's best friend, or double agent assassin?

A Utah hunter’s dog went from man’s best friend to his worst enemy Sunday.

According to KSL TV, Two men were duck hunting on the Great Salt Lake when one of the would-be duck assassins climbed out of the boat to either set or retrieve decoys.

Unfortunately before plunging into the water, he forgot to unload his 12-gauge. The dog stepped on the shotgun, dispersing 27 pellets into the man’s buttocks about 10 feet away.

The 46-year-old was still recovering Wednesday, and authorities said he only suffered minor injuries partly because he was wearing waders.

Now, I don’t know what this guy was taught in his gun safety course—maybe he needs a refresher—but I vividly recall being told that if you leave your gun for any reason, leave it unloaded.

The name of the “victim” has not been released, nor do I expect it to be. As for the pooch? Well, I guess that’s what you call a real American Gun Dog.

  • dancingbear501

    Did anyone talk to the dog? Maybe he shot the idiot in the ass on purpose.

    • scarface


    • Jackleand

      thank you so much for your comment. I laughed so much, I began to cry…….

    • Bobby Owens

      Funny stuff!! Just too funny!!!!!! Never make this dog mad or pissed off or it will shoot you…. LOL

  • Judy Warger

    Unfortunate for hunter, but I must admit, that's funny!

  • JMW

    A Labrador would never do that, must have been a Golden.

  • janlee

    Hand over the Milk Bones and nobody gets hurt!!!

  • Donald L Gaines


  • Ronbot Hunter

    Maybe the dog was a Liberal/Socialist?
    Maybe he was not getting a piece of the action?
    We will never know unless he is arrested by the cops and questioned under bright lights for hours.
    Maybe dog breeders will have to give full disclosure on the political bent of each puppy.

    The dogs do have a right to protest against their masters, for violation of their civil rights.

    This is serious– the Constitution give them rights!!!


  • Nate

    This is for the neutering!

  • shooter

    Dog Cheney; brother of Dick

  • TAC

    Nice shot … but did he retrieve him too?

  • TAC

    Bet that's the last time he'll call that dog a "bitch".

  • TAC

    Dog probably thought he was a deer.

  • cjb

    I had it with that damn shock collar!

  • Pet Lover

    Poetic justice. I can hear the ducks laughing all the way to Florida.

  • Big Al

    Remind me to bring my wife along next time.!

  • grc

    Is rover covered by 2nd amendment?

  • tnaber60

    that why we have laws-like gun must be cased when in vehicle **** duh**** idiots shouldn't have guns either

  • mess

    this whole posting is a real "ass" set to the dog world-everyone is getting a bang out of it lol lol

  • Doug in Texas

    if Cheney got away with it, so should the dog!

  • Ray

    if he'll be patching his wadders he might want to use kevlar!

  • karrijean

    I have a chocolate lab that could teach that dog new targets to hit. For example dog could go after the mother-in-law.

  • JP in WI

    @JMW yes it probably was not a Lab. Goldens are smarter.

  • kyle

    Federal limit is one dumbass per day

  • Coop's Uncle

    Just like an unlaimed fart, I bet his hunting partner did it and blamed the dog!

  • Tim Smith

    The guy broke all of the firearm safety rules … He got off lucky for mishandling his firearm … Now on the lighter side YES this is extremely funny due to the fact only his pride and butt will have permanent scars … As a punishment for such flagrant violations IMO he should have to share his experience with firearm safety classes.

  • Booooooo

    He said it was the dog when it's more likely it was his friend who shot him.

  • Rob

    Glad you got it in the ass it makes for a funny story, we can all learn from. As I teach in my Hunter Safety Classes A labs paw can push the safety off and pull the trigger at the same time just by stepping down.
    Not an uncommon accident at all.
    Of course your lab new this. I would say 40% chance it was accidental. LOL

  • Pedro Flores

    the best hunting dog…..

  • Pedro Flores

    The best hunting dog…. Basset Fauve de Bretagne


    Pedro Flores

  • brittlover

    I think his name should be released. The more humiliation the better the lesson will sink in.

  • sacbombero

    NRA says that dogs have the right to “bear” arms.

  • kirkpatrick

    Guns don’t kill people. Dogs do.

    • Bobby Owens

      U sure are right Kirk.LOL

  • kirkpatrick

    We need stricter dog control.

  • John Johnson

    Joe Biden said women should get a shotgun, did he also release a statement recently about dogs, too?

  • mikeyfinn60

    WTF! Maybe he should of feed him first before they went hunting.

  • mikeyfinn60

    Dee dee dee!

  • Bobby Owens

    Wat to say to an intruder that breaks into your house!!!!! STOP!!!!!! OR my Dog will shoot!!!!

  • Andrea Hardy


  • Wendy Hendricks

    “Now, I don’t know what this guy was taught in his gun safety course—maybe he needs a refresher—but I vividly recall being told that if you leave your gun for any reason, leave it unloaded.” So true and IF the gun IS loaded, then the safety should be on – Hello!

  • Georgia

    His dog is pain in the butt. Only in Utah.

  • Keith Lybbert


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