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New Dog Nutrition Products for 2013

by Tony J. Peterson   |  September 6th, 2013 3

Last spring my golden retriever Lux started having kidney problems. At first, the diagnosis was a kidney infection likely caused by Lyme disease. A second opinion proved that false, but it didn’t make the situation any better because it turned out she was experiencing renal dysplasia.

Throughout the initial diagnosis and treatment, I conducted a lot of research on tick-borne diseases and their prevention. What I found out is there are products that can help greatly when dealing with the tiny, disease-carrying bloodsuckers. Better yet, the canine health industry is working hard to create more effective products to protect all dogs, especially sporting breeds that are at the highest risk of tick exposure.

Lux’s initial treatment involved a low protein diet that was available through prescription. Again I set out on a mission to learn as much as I could about canine nutrition. Although I lost my dog in a heartbreaking regression that occurred much faster than I could have imagined, I also learned a lot about what to do with future pups concerning proper nutrition and preventative and recovery-based medications. Companies throughout the industry are making strides every day to ensure we have the best products for our dogs’ health and in-the-field performance.

To take the best care of your four-legged hunting partners, check out the best dog health and nutrition products for 2013.

  • Rowdydawg

    Apparently, you did not learn that much about dog food
    nutrition during your research, if those are the three brands you recommend

    • slhound

      Totally agree! If you really want to know what is in your pet food you can go to or and you can read all about every brand. You will be surprised that the better foods can be the same price or similar and you feed less . . . you save by not paying for junk food with high priced marketing.

  • Daniel Podobed

    “No fillers”, “high quality animal based proteins”, “devoted to nutrition”

    Guys- stop taking the advertising money.

    Chicken (good), Chicken By-Product Meal (Natural source of Chondroitin Sulfate
    and Glucosamine) (cheap product, many known contaminants)
    , Corn Meal (gmo based cheap source of protein to boost it to 30% to keep the cost down, known allergen),
    Brewers Rice (by product of the alcohol business, used for “skin and coat”…does nothing but trigger allergens and make the bag more expensive)
    Ground Whole Grain Sorghum (cheap grain, filler. many allergens)
    Chicken Fat (preserved with mixed Tocopherols, a source of Vitamin E),

    Dried Beet Pulp(cheap fiber source. high in sugar)
    , Chicken Flavor(okay, typically chicken liver mixed with water and sprayed on)
    , Fish Meal (poor ingredient. doesn’t tell you what type of fish they are using)

    This is what I would describe as a borderline average food, with many cheap ingredients. A shame for a formula touted as “Premium Performance”.

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