Deer hunters sure have it easy. A short walk to a tree stand, a few hours of sitting in a comfortable blind followed by a chip shot at a buck feeding in a bean field. Bird hunters? Not so much. Pheasants, grouse and chukars don’t come to us—we have to find them. That usually means mile upon mile of plodding over steep, rocky slopes, endless prairies or the damp woods of a New England forest.

Getting to those birds requires footwear that can stand up to the punishment that comes with a typical upland hunt. It has to be light, tough, waterproof and it has to protect us from blisters and twisted ankles. A good pair of upland hunting boots also has to last a few seasons.

Thankfully, boot makers are hunters, too. They know what bird hunters need from a boot and they put careful thought into the features that help us find more birds.

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