It is hard to understand how a manufacturer can improve upon a shotgun shell design every single year, but that’s exactly what many of them manage to do. Part of this is due to the fact hunters have started to understand that pursuit-specific products greatly improve their odds throughout the fall. This can involve considering shotgun gauge, shot distance, and hunting environment, to name just a few of the variables. If that seems like overkill, then you’ve never barely clipped a dove and watched it sail an extra couple hundred yards, or worse, witnessed a seemingly solid-hit rooster fall and hit the ground running.

Of course, the efficacy of a shotgun load is largely dependent on pairing it up with the right choke tube. Again, the specifics of a hunting situation and the targeted game will dictate just which choke tube is best, but there is also a wave of load-specific choke tubes hitting the market. This kind of synergy between an individual shell design and a choke tube built to foster the best performance out of that shell results in the best of both worlds and far fewer cripples.

What’s not to like about that?

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