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11 Best Dog Training Tools Right Now

by Jerry Thoms   |  August 19th, 2013 1

In the past 25 years, dog training has greatly improved because of major advancements in the tools used to teach our canines how to behave and hunt better. E-collars in particular have become more sophisticated with a multitude of high-tech features that have made lessons in learned behavior and the control of impulsive behavior easier, more efficient and more humane.

In addition, keeping a gun dog located when out of sight has undergone big changes with GPS tracking systems that tell where a dog has been, where it is, and what direction it is headed. Training gear such as retrieving dummies and launchers have likewise become more effective as ways to replicate more accurately the process of fetching gamebirds and getting some good exercise while doing so.

Take a look at the best dog training tools to get your canine ready for the season.
  • Llewellin Owner

    You left out the best advancement in ecollars to come about in the history of the ecollar. The Garmin/Tri-Tronic Alpha is by far the best thing going in ecolllars right now. So easy to use, simply take it out of the box, charge it up, and turn it on and you are ready to go, yet sophisticated enough to keep even the most intense technogeek enthralled for weeks. The alpha provides 18 levels of constant or momentary stimulation and tone, but it takes dog control to the next level with the handheld GPS function. You will never loose your dog because you can always see exactly where he is. You can also get rid of the loud beeper collars that make your pup deaf because the handheld unit beeps when your dog goes on point instead of the dogs collar. There are further functions where you can download the hunt data and create maps and logs of every hunt, what you found where, birds shot/missed, distance you, your dog, and your hunting buddies walked and more. There is almost no limit to what you can do with this amazing device, yet the basic operation remains so simple that anyone can use it right out of the box without even reading the manual. Yup, you missed the boat on this one. This collar system has set the bar at a while new level!

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